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Social Media insights from 145 breweries in NorCal

What you can learn from brands of the local beers market.

It's been about a month I've landed in Berkeley, CA and as a Belgian freelancer I got curious on how breweries were doing here with their social media marketing.

As a small business, your brand needs to shine locally by sharing stories on social media. Now, it could be quite challenging for any small businesses with limited ressources to go from inspiration to production. Also, the local beers market is quite crowded here (not as in Belgium tho, but still).

I've made this study with a software I've built recently. To give a bit of context, this report has been made over:

The technology used is Natural Language Processing and visual recognition.

This report highlighted the most popular types of stories shared by these 145 breweries and the most active and engaging brands of breweries.

Most popular topics 🏆

Quite logically, the most popular topics across these local breweries is what I have called the "work-in-progress", it means all the milestones they unlock as a business grow ; new opening, new product/menu, anniversary, events announcements, jobs openings,... It represents 60% of the most popular topics. Here are a few examples:

As the beer market got more competitive and as the social media got more popular, the level of activity rose from 600 to 1,800 posts a month.

Level of publications on Facebook by NorCal breweries

This might explain why the second most popular topic is "contests & giveaways". About 20% of brands are organizing contests or giving away mugs and t-shirts to collect more likes, comments and shares. Is it tricking or adding real value to the brands? I would say it depends on how you do it.

Sadly this is a popular topic but it does generate tons of engagement. It's all the downtimes and incidents that can occurs to a business and/or local community. Most of the time, in California it's the dires and floods. Below is why you should not ignore the power of a community to support your brand.

The David and Goliath is popular story. It's the 'underdog situation', a contest where a smaller, weaker opponent faces a much bigger, stronger adversary. People usually loves to support the underdog. As a brand, you can play with this idea to support your own values. I love how The Rare Barrel does it (even it's again a company based in Belgium ;)).

Finally, you have all the other topics such as local news, humor, pets, Father's day, Halloween, etc. but here's my favorite:

Most active and engaging brands 🏆

Overall, Crooked Goat Brewing, Altamont Beer Works, Hop Dogma Brewing Company and Cellarmaker Brewing Company are doing a pretty decent job in social marketing, cheers guys!



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