• Hi, I'm Jeremy,

    Helping industry-leading brands think strategically
    about their DNA's within the digital space.

  • Digital

    I've been involved both in operational and strategic levels. This experience offers me the ability to control the full process for most of the digital projects as doer, manager or consultant.



    Marketing is the backbone of my career; from company building and product design to campaign management and other communication projects.


    Experienced to manage the scope whether it's in the context of a startup or a large corporation: with very tight and large resources but also on short and long term visions.

  • I've been fortunate to have worked with these amazing people

    And lots of others too!

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

    What I do at night

    SaaS for marketers in Energy

    Plunch aggregates the data into dashboards and highlight market insights. From there, users can build workflows to automate digital marketing on search engines or social media.

    Design Thinking tool

    Few years ago, I've built a tool to help me sketch out digital strategies for my projects and clients. Ever since the DMC has helped many organisations across the world.


    After having organized 127 events of Café Numérique Liège, I've decided to turn it into podcast-events called Café Sans Filtre.

  • Insightful and visual keynote talks and workshops

    Manga-fueled keynote talks

    Finding the Digital Strategy

    You can't stop it. You can't escape it. You can't ignore it. You can't call politics, army, officials or your mom to save you. It's really violent and your business can be vanished because of it. Only those who will adapt themselves will be the survivors of the tsunami often called 'Digital Transformation’. Once you've realized and accepted it, the fun comes into play.

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    Love advices. Ideas. Project requests. I read every message.

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